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A Warm Welcome into Emerald Dream US

Norayni emerges from the portal to Telogrus Rift

While on my recent road trip to New Hampshire and Massachusetts, I decided to make a new Warcraft character. I also decided I’d do so on a full realm that was roleplay. I’d seen some social media posts from players on Emerald Dream US and decided I’d give it a try.

Now I’ve never done a roleplay realm before but the posts I’d seen on Instagram and Twitter made it look intriguing. I honestly didn’t even realize there were full realms because my list is sorted by low population to high. I don’t really know what “full” means on Warcraft realms these days but I thought I’d be seeing some very crowded areas.

For my first toon on Emerald Dream I created a female night elf warrior. I opted for a randomized name and landed on Norayni. After perfecting her appearance, I left the Telogrus Rift and entered Stormwind.

As Norayni rode through the city on her mount, it felt unusually empty to me. Thinking it might just be the time of day (it was around 8pm EST), I decided to head to Goldshire because there’s always action there.

Norayni arrived in Goldshire and found it completely empty aside from NPCs. In the numerous other realms I play on there’s always duels happening in the center of Goldshire. But on Emerald Dream that night, there wasn’t a player in sight and definitely no duels. I can only conclude that duels don’t happen in Goldshire on a roleplay realm. I’ve been there several times since and still no duels.






After investigating the inn and finding it also empty, Norayni stepped outside and the only sounds were those of the chickens clucking about. It was somewhat surreal and peculiar and she felt like the chickens were trying to tell her something. More on that later.


I didn’t have much time to play on Emerald Dream that night so I just parked Norayni in the inn and posted my screenshots on Twitter and Instagram. I commented on how empty Emerald Dream was and received a rather pleasant and surprising response from a fellow Warcraft player, Damara Wrynn who goes by @Queen_Wrynn on Twitter.

Damara welcomed me to Emerald Dream and offered to send me gold and bags to get me started. I’ve never received such a kind offer on any realm from someone I didn’t know and I was touched. I thanked her and told her my toon’s name.

The next evening I logged into Norayni and was very happy to see the bags and gold from Damara. The nice big bags were wonderful because my bags are always full and the gold allowed me to dress Norayni in my heirlooms and then immediately transmog them so she didn’t look all mistmatched.

Now that Norayni was well equipped with bags and gold, she was quite ready to set off into the world of roleplay that’s new to me. Thanks to Damara’s kindness, I’m even more motivated to play on Emerald Dream and level my small but mighty void elf warrior. I’m still not sure what roleplay is all about, but I’m having fun exploring familiar areas with a new set of eyes. More tales of Norayni’s adventures to come!

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