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Rajilo and Waffles: A Match Made in Hunger

My goth bun girl Rajilo is a loner for the most part. She wasn’t always that way, but after several failed attempts at attachments to both friends and lovers, she decided being alone was better than dealing with more emotional pain. Raj was a happy child until her adolescent years and as an adult, it’s… Continue reading Rajilo and Waffles: A Match Made in Hunger

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An A-Bun-dance of Change

Sometimes I have a plan for the characters I create in Final Fantasy 14 and sometimes I create them on a whim. Creating new characters is something I've been doing for many years in other games when I need a change, want to try something new, or need to take my mind off something that's… Continue reading An A-Bun-dance of Change

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Long Queued Into MSQ

As I've only been playing FFXIV since March of 2021, I'd never experienced the launch of a new expansion for the game until Endwalker launched in December of 2021. I had early access so I could create a male Viera as soon as possible, but I quickly discovered that doing anything "soon" after Endwalker's launch… Continue reading Long Queued Into MSQ

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Happy Laladays!

I've never created any sort of monthly prompt for Twitter, but my love for my lalafell Sasaya recently changed my mind. I thought the festive month of December would be the perfect time to celebrate my love for lalafells and for others to join in if they wanted to. Thus I created Happy Laladays! I… Continue reading Happy Laladays!