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The Power of Home

Recently in Final Fantasy 14, I was able to finally acquire an apartment in The Goblet for my Miqo’te girl, D’azri Estrela, and I was so happy! It took some time to save up the 500,000 gil to purchase the apartment and achieve the rank of Second Lieutenant in her grand company, but it was worth the grind in the end! I’ve discovered that having a home for D’azri, and more recently Tyago, is a very powerful, motivational, inspiring, and exciting thing!

One of my main motivations for getting an apartment was so I could change the color of D’azri’s chocobo, Chester, from yellow to blue. You need a stable to do that and the right kind of fruit to feed the chocobo while stabled. I don’t belong to a free company that has a house and me owning a house is a long ways off (if not impossible), so I’m glad stables come with apartments!

Another thing you can have with an apartment are two planters, which allow you to grow the fruit you need to change the chocobo’s color. Very handy! Especially when that fruit can be pricey on the market board. Thanks to those planters and waiting a week for all the plants to grow, I was finally able to turn Chester a dashing raptor blue!

Although my biggest reason for getting an apartment was to color my chocobo, as soon as I had my apartment I discovered how much fun it was! I had some gil left over after buying the apartment to buy furnishings from the apartment vendor and I also bought some things from the online store. I was gifted a Halloween themed table to go along with the other Halloween decorations I’d purchased and it all just looked spooky and divine!

I bought a music player for D’azri’s apartment and some songs for it and figured out how to make a playlist for my place. I change the playlist up as I get more songs and I LOVE all the songs that are available! Having an apartment and placing and rearranging furnishings is so much fun for me that I can completely lose track of time while doing it and hours can pass without me realizing it!

I enjoyed D’azri’s apartment so much, I figured it was time my other main toon, Tyago, get an apartment too. I had to grind a bit on her but it was again worth it and she recently acquired her own place in Mist!

Her style is different than D’azri’s though and she has a roommate named Kheda’to who is all about studying and practicing different classes, which tend to make him a rather tired adventurer.

Tyago isn’t quite as bubbly and carefree as D’azri, who is her best friend, but she appreciates a nice home with tasteful decorations and lots of tea!

Having an apartment for a character (or more than one character) makes me feel much more invested in them and adds to their personality. They have their own place where they can summon the aesthetician or their retainers.

They have their own bed. They can color furnishings however they like. They can put up paintings that show their favorite places. They can dance to the music on the player and do whatever they want!

They can have friends over and hang out. And I can also visit the apartment with my other characters for photo shoots if I so desire.

It’s just really nice to know that whatever they endure in Eorzea as the Warrior of Light, my characters always have somewhere safe and familiar to return to and to recharge. I think we all benefit from the safety and familiarity of home in the real world too.

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