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D’azri the Meowchinist

The first character I made in Final Fantasy XIV was a female Miqo’te I originally named Sriset. I made her an archer with the intention of her becoming a bard and me playing her as that. However, as time went on and I got to “know” her better, I realized that archer/bard really wasn’t for her. I also realized that the name Sriset didn’t suit her as it was a name from a different world. So I renamed her D’azri Estrela. D’azri to get a bit of “Sri” in there with “zri” and Estrela because it’s the Portuguese word for star. One thing D’azri does well is shine bright no matter what, so star suits her.

For a while, I played D’azri as rogue/ninja but then I got a bit tired of doing melee in dungeons and wanted to go back to ranged. But I didn’t want to go back to archer/bard, so I decided she’d become a machinist once she reached the Heavensward expansion. I knew machinist started at 30, not 50, so I’d have to climb 20 levels again to be able to do HW content, but I figured it was worth it. I was proven very right!

While the reasons for D’azri transitioning from bard to ninja to machinist exist in the stories in my head about her, suffice it to say, it all makes sense for her character. She started out as shy and hesitant about fighting (archer), decided she wanted to get a bit more up close and personal (rogue), and then realized that distance is a good thing, but she still wanted to do serious damage (machinist). The more I play machinist, the more I love the class and all the fun “toys” it comes with. I call her a meowchinist because she’s a cat girl wielding a gun.

The class quests and story of machinist are really interesting and have a bit of an underdog trying to prove themselves feel, which I enjoy. I like progressing through the machinists quests and getting weapon upgrades while also learning more about the other machinist characters.

D’azri is quite the sight as a small Miqo’te with a big gun and being a meowchinist has given her more confidence in herself. She recently got the auto crossbow ability and it’s ridiculously awesome seeing her whip a huge rapid-fire crossbow out of thin air and obliterate her foes.

With all my Final Fantasy characters, it takes me a while to figure out what class works best for them and what suits their character, but that’s definitely one of the things that makes the game fun. I feel like D’azri has come a long way since her first days in Gridania killing lady bugs and annoying her Hyur friend (although she does still do that occasionally.)

D’azri still has quite a journey ahead of her but I’m sure she’ll do just fine as a fun-loving and feisty meowchinist.

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