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How I Fell For A Lalafell

When I first started playing FFXIV this past spring, I was confused when I saw my first lalafell. I wondered why there were small children in the game. Then when I was first attacked by an enemy lalafell, I didn’t know if I was supposed to fight back because fighting a child felt wrong. But then eventually I realized they were one of the races in the game and that full grown adults looked childlike.

Even when I realized lalafell were the gnome like race in FFXIV, I didn’t think I’d ever make one. I’ve never had much luck clicking with the small stature races in games and I didn’t expect lalas to be any different. My oldest daughter made a male lala lancer as her first character in FFXIV and she really enjoyed him but I still didn’t see myself making one.

Then eventually for some reason I decided to finally make a lalafell, so I created Sasaya Sayana, a conjurer. But I’m still not overly comfortable with the magic using classes in FFXIV so I didn’t get real far with her. I did however meet up with my daughter’s lala for some cute pics.

I gave up on that version of Sasaya and played my Miqo’te and other characters for quite some time. Then recently after hearing how some people were creeped out by lalas, I decided to remake Sasaya on a different server and show just how cute and not creepy lalas could be. This version of Sasaya started out as a marauder and what’s cuter than a lala with a tiny axe?

After playing marauder for a while, I realized it wasn’t the class for me and I’m still not ready to tank in FFXIV, so once I got Sasaya to Gridania, I switched her to archer. Playing a lala with what looks like a toy bow to anyone else turned out to be quite enjoyable! I also bought the werewolf outfit from the online store because I saw it in a lala gif and thought it was adorable!

As I’m not musically inclined, I won’t be doing much performing once Sasaya becomes a bard. I think I’ll eventually change her to machinist when I can because for some reason I like the idea of a gun wielding lala, even though historically I haven’t liked guns in games. We shall see I suppose.

For now I’m just enjoying playing Sasaya and experiencing everything that comes along with being a lala. I get random head pats, other lalas hug me and dance with me, I’ve even received gifts from a fellow lala, and I’ve received the most player commendations as dps on my lala. I like dressing Sasaya up in cute outfits and I even got the play dead emote for her because that seems to be a thing for lalas too.

Another thing I love about lalas is how adorably cute and small their Chocobos are! I named mine Fuerte, which means strong in Spanish, a name suggested to me by my oldest daughter. I also do Chocobo racing on Sasaya of course and love the black mage barding for my birds.

As far as Sasaya’s backstory goes, I really haven’t thought about it, but I imagine it’ll come to me eventually. For now I know that she’s loved by my friends, a fierce fighter, and so cute you just want to squeeze her little cheeks!

She can also get a little huffy too and is quite bad at saying goodbye.

But it all combines into one adorable little package that is definitely the Sri’s knees! πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “How I Fell For A Lalafell”

  1. While I haven’t played an archer/bard, I did unlock the machinist. It is a fun job that feels a bit like a WoW hunter. My only gripe about machinist is that you have to grind to level 50 before you can unlock it then you have to go back to level 30 if you want to play it. With how much there is to do in the game, I didn’t want to regrind 20 levels just to continue on from where I left off in the MSQ. At this point, since I’m well into Stormblood, MCH leveling will be one of those end-game time wasters for me.

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    1. I just started machinist on my one of my Miqo’te characters and I really like it! I’m not looking forward to grinding those levels again but it will be a good side project now and then. 😊

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