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Friend-Full and Faction-Free

The perfect game, the perfect world, the perfect everything doesn’t exist, but there’s a lot that I love about Final Fantasy XIV. One of the biggest things is that players are not divided into factions, so you can play with any other player you want without being prohibited by game-created limitations. Now that more of my friends are playing Final Fantasy XIV for various reasons, the game is also full of friends and that makes me quite happy!

Final Fantasy XIV is a fun, relaxing, and immersive game for me. I love all the characters I’ve created and lately I’ve turned my attention more to my Miqo’te female named D’azri Estela. She originally had a different name and was a bard for a while, but now I’ve changed her to rogue, which transitioned to ninja at level 30. Someday I hope to make her a dancer so she can be either ranged or melee DPS, depending on my mood.

No matter what character I play though, I’m always Sri and it shows. My friends in the game are as I’ve known them just in different shapes and it’s been lovely enjoying Eorzea with them and sharing the knowledge I’ve gained in the few months I’ve been playing. As I often say, I love feeling useful and helpful! My friends are all fast learners and good at their roles and we all assist each other however we can.

With players not being restricted to factions, I can go to any major city and see tons of people of all races and classes. My fellow gaming friends and I like to meet up in Costa del Sol for some relaxing fun and to take lots of screenshots.

The recent Make it Rain event also had us all spending lots of time at the Gold Saucer racking up MGP for new mogs, hairstyles, dances, etc.

There are of course still battles to be fought within Eorzea and defined bad guys and good guys, but it’s not a major factor in player interaction. There’s no issues with players tagging mobs and making them unattainable for other players. There’s no worries about players lurking in the bushes to attack you when you’re going fishing or something. I know PVP exists in FFXIV, but I haven’t explored it yet. Someday maybe I will, but I’m in no rush.

I just want to enjoy playing with my friends for as long as they choose to be in Eorzea and to maintain friendships that may only ever exist in online realms. Although we’re not physically together, the memories we create can make it feel like we are and we can always look back on them and smile.

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