A Pally with Personality

A majority of my World of Warcraft characters have background stories either in my head or written out in my fanfiction. My blood elf paladin Resora had a background story that I started writing about in one of my fanfictions, but the more I played her, the more I realized that she didn’t fit that story anymore. Resora created a different background story as I played her and I love it when a character comes to life like that in surprising ways.

To reflect the changes in Resora’s story, I changed the name of the paladin in that fanfiction entitled “Of Void and Light” to Nikara, or Nik for short, a name my oldest daughter helped me pick out. That blood elf paladin can keep that back story while Resora can continue to create and expand on her own story. Will I ever create a playable pally with the name Nikara? Well, I already have three female blood elf paladins, so probably not, but one never knows…

Now that Resora is separated from that fanfiction backstory due to me spending so much time playing her, my Warcraft world feels more cohesive. Unlike Nikara, whose appearance, seen in the previous image, changes gradually to something else due to her association with void elves, Resora always looked how she does with brown hair, blue eyes, and dark skin.

Res grew up among a family of fighters and was raised to be a guardian to the “royal” blood elf family of Pandaria that I created in my head. In that royal family is my priest Srirajah Cloudtalon and Resora was assigned as her bodyguard for a time.

When Srirajah abdicated from her royal duties, the two women went their separate ways and only occasionally encounter each other in Shadowlands. Srirajah chose to align herself with the shining, noble purpose of the Kyrian, while Resora chose the Venthyr with their shadowed powers and dealings with sin.

Resora is a paladin who thrives off fighting evil and is always looking for a fight against world enemies, faction enemies, and anything that will help her hone her skills and become stronger. She switches between using a one handed weapon and a shield or a two handed flame sword depending on her mood and what she’s facing. She’s tried healing a few times but it didn’t go well for her and those she was trying to heal, and she’s much happier pummeling things.

Resora tries to learn from her mistakes and adapt to different situations by changing her fighting style if necessary. She adores the aesthetic of the Venthyr and Revendreth because the gothic architecture and dark dealings are drastic changes from what she grew up with in Pandaria with its gleaming palaces and lush forests.

Res is a bit rebellious and will sometimes get herself in trouble taking on more than she can handle. Fortunately, she’s made many friends since resigning from royal guard duty and can often be found hanging out with a troll rogue, indestructible blood elf fire mage, shiny blood elf paladin, unstoppable orc warrior, serene but fiery blood elf monk, feisty Highmountain tauren druid, undead warrior, nightborne warlock, and many others.

As with all my characters in both Warcraft and in my writing, Resora shares many traits that I possess. She and I are both very loyal friends and would do anything in our power to help someone we care about. Our friends can depend on us, lean on us, and are never a burden. I, like Resora, hope that all my friends know that I’m there for them whenever they need and that I’ve always got their backs! And should anyone try to harm those I love, you can bet that I’ll invoke Resora’s avenging wrath to protect them.

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