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Dungeoning Sri-style

In an effort to step outside of my comfort zone, come out of my shell, and other relevant clichés, I started planning dungeon runs in Strawberry Friends a few weeks ago. It started with me just saying I was going to pug Timewalking dungeons on my lightforged draenei paladin Kriarii and asking if anyone was interested in joining me, but it’s grown into so much more.

When I said that about the Timewalking runs, I then discovered that there was an entire group of friends that wanted to come with me. That surprised me because I’d posted that I was going to run the dungeons on weeknights and I assumed everyone would be too busy to do them. I was pleased to be proven wrong! We did the Timewalking dungeons over a few weeknights and into the weekend and it was a lot of fun and I was ridiculously happy that my friends had wanted to come and that I hadn’t needed to pug after all.

For the most part until those Timewalking runs, I’d been focusing on my horde side toons. But once I discovered the interest in doing Alliance side runs, I decided to make that a regular thing. There had been talk of doing blue side dungeon and raid stuff together last expansion but there just hadn’t been time. Blue side groups were organized for leveling with questing but regular dungeon runs never materialized. That’s totally understandable and acceptable, but since I saw an opportunity to change that this expansion, I jumped in with both hooves!

The people in the groups have varied but we’ve always had a fun time. We’ve also done Horde runs of course and enjoyed those as well. It feels rather odd for me to be consistently organizing runs when being in a leadership type position has never really been my strong point. But so far so good and I hope to keep it going as long as people are interested. People have their own reasons for going, but my main goal is just to have fun with friends and keep the Strawberry Friends going strong!

As explaining every run would take forever, I’ll let the following screenshots tell their own stories. 😉 They’re not all necessarily from runs I’ve planned, but they’re from runs with great friends and that’s all that matters!

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