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From Talbuk Triumph to 120

I had many plans for using the current experience buff but getting my void elf hunter Val to 120 wasn’t really one of them. I’d gotten her to Draenor and planned on parking her there for a while but I changed my mind for some reason and continued leveling her into Legion and then Battle for Azeroth. I think it was because I wanted to get her the Legion talbuks on Argus, but I’m not entirely sure.

Nonetheless, a couple nights ago I got Val to 120. She was at 118 when I started playing that night but I queued for Shrine of the Storm to do a quest I had there and that random group invited me to do two more dungeons. I felt somewhat bad for them because I haven’t done bfa dungeons much and I got lost and died a few times but they were nice to me and definitely knew what they were doing. I greatly appreciate them inviting me to tag along. It was a whirlwind last two levels to 120 as Val and her talbuk ran to keep up with the group.

As hunter is my favorite class, it’s nice having a max level one for each faction. They’ll come in handy when Shadowlands finally comes out and I look forward to seeing what new pets there are to tame. Right now I’m playing Val as marksmanship because she isn’t geared very well and kept dying in the other specs but that might change if I continue to play her and upgrade her gear.

I haven’t played much Visions of N’Zoth content and I don’t really plan to do any of it on Val but something funny happened the night she hit 120. I’d mailed her a couple pieces of the current patch armor from my druid that were specific to hunter and a couple other classes but she couldn’t use them until 120. As soon as she opened them I completed a set of armor I didn’t even realize I had most of the pieces from and earned the achievement All Eyes On Me. The achievement is for completing a set from Ny’alotha. I imagine I got most of the pieces on my blood elf hunter Sriset and didn’t realize it. It’s not a set I find attractive or would mog to so that’s probably why I missed it.

I played Val a bit yesterday in bfa trying to upgrade her gear but when the first ring I got from a world quest was corrupted, I realized I probably won’t be gearing her up. I’m not going through that cloak stuff again just so I can remove corruption from new gear. I’ll just wait until Shadowlands to gear her when that stuff (and the annoying Heart of Azeroth) doesn’t matter anymore. I may take her back to Legion or I might just park her in an inn until the next expansion. I’m sure she’d appreciate the rest after the whirlwind leveling. As long as she’s got her trusty talbuks to watch over her, she’ll be happy.

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