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Some Dancing to Lighten the Mood

What do you get when you combine a Lightforged draenei moving her hips to the rhythm, a Zandalari troll druid clapping his hands to the beat, and a Vulpera shaman swishing her tail to the lyrics? My new Warcraft music video of course!

During these troubling times, it’s important to have some sort of escape from the heaviness of if all and hopefully my latest video will help lighten the mood a bit. It features more variety than my last Warcraft dance video that was mostly elves. This one has trolls, draenei, vulpera, and worgen, with a few elves of course.

I also thought the lyrics were a bit uplifting too. “You need to believe in all that is true. The sooner the better. You need to believe in all that is right. The sooner the better. So we can get the love going, get the love going on tonight. The sooner the better.” If we can all focus on what’s true and right and deal with the world with compassion and patience, I’m certain we can all get through these trying time.

So please check out my latest video and enjoy the dancing of some of my Warcraft characters. The sooner the better…

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