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The Hunter and The Fox

My oldest daughter’s been playing World of Warcraft for several years and we play together quite often when she’s at my house. The first character she made was a male troll rogue that’s now max level and that she still plays periodically. When she started playing World of Warcraft, she insisted that she’d never be like me with a ton of alts, but her tune changed over the years. She now has a few alts, nowhere near my current character count of 44, but she’s discovered the benefits of being able to try out different classes and races.

One class that she seemed particularly not interested in was the hunter class. As hunter is my favorite class, I was a bit bummed by this but I understood her reasons. She didn’t like having something following her around, which is also why she doesn’t play warlock or mage with minions much. She would periodically make a hunter character, play it for a while, and then delete it. I think she did this at least three times with a male nightborne hunter specifically. After all that, I mostly gave up on her ever wanting to play a hunter long enough to level it.

Much to my surprise and delight, my daughter’s opinion on hunters changed recently (I don’t know why) and she started leveling her latest incarnation of her male nightborne hunter. Perhaps it’s the current experience boost from Blizz that’s helping. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled that she’s finally playing a hunter!

My daughter prefers to level running random dungeons mostly and it certainly is fast, but I usually like to do a mix of questing and dungeons. Thanks to the experience boost, my daughter leveled her nightborne hunter relatively quickly and was in the 50s before I realized it. I played with her on a couple of my other toons that were similar levels but I wasn’t fully committed to leveling them, so we went our separate ways for a while.

Then yesterday I learned that her nightborne hunter was very close to my vulpera shammy’s level of 70. I was playing my shammy in Northrend, but I’ve done all of those areas so many times I’m tired of seeing them. However, I really want to keep leveling my shammy while the experience bonus is active, and I thought teaming up with my daughter’s nightborne hunter might help me do that. My daughter was questing in Netherstorm because she’s familiar with that area and wanted some of the pets from there, so I joined her there on my shammy yesterday.

It touches this old Warcraft hunter’s heart to hear her daughter ask about different pets and specs and to commiserate over being blamed for pulling too many mobs or a pet stealing aggro from the tank in dungeons. I even helped her figure out how to tame a white arcane wyrm yesterday while playing my nightborne priest.

Finally my daughter’s beginning to understand the hunter class that I’ve loved since 2008 and it’s creating an even stronger bond between us. As an added bonus, she has an almost max level female Zandalari shammy so she’s been giving me pointers on that class as well.

We’re quite an interesting pair, my tiny vulpera shammy and her tall nightborne hunter, but it’s a lot of fun questing and doing random dungeons with her. I’ve even used my shammy abilities to resurrect her a few times in dungeons and to heal myself to give the healer a break. Just last night she switched to survival spec to give it a try and it was cool that we were both up-close fighting.

Questing is always easier and more enjoyable when you’re doing it with family and/or friends and it’s nice that we have each other’s backs. With school’s being closed at least until the end of the month here and my daughter being astute at always finishing her homework early, we’ve had more time to play together. Considering that she’ll be heading to college this fall, I’m enjoying all the time I have with her both in-game and out and I look forward to our continuing adventures as the hunter and the fox.

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