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A Shammy Too Cute Not to Level

I’ve created a handful of shaman in World of Warcraft but I’ve never managed to level them beyond 30. I’ve made a few draenei, a Zandalari troll, and even a Mag’har orc, but none of them have stuck. However, when I learned that vulpera were going to be a playable race I knew I finally had a good shot at leveling a shaman.

I created a vulpera shammy named Sumeko on the public test realm and even though the character models and emotes weren’t quite done, I knew she stood the best chance of being the shammy I finally leveled. I think vulpera are adorable and having one that can be either ranged or up close kicking butt greatly appealed.

My oldest daughter created a Zandalari shammy a while ago and it’s now in the low 100s and she certainly seems to be enjoying it. When we play together she obviously knows what she’s doing and she makes shamans look like a lot of fun. If she can do it, I’m sure I can to!

My daughter’s Zandalari shammy and my nightborne monk in Legion.

When vulpera were finally released I immediately recreated Sumeko on the realm of Suramar, watched the opening cut scene, ran her around Orgrimmar for a while and then let her gather rest experience while I played other toons. I’m addicted to rest experience, which is probably why I have so many toons I can play while others regain rest experience.

I started really playing Sumeko with more commitment last week and I’m thoroughly enjoying her. She’s the first small sized character I’ve played consistently and definitely the first I’ve run through dungeons with random groups.

I feel so tiny among the other races but I am seeing other vulpera in some groups and it makes me smile. We may be small and furry but we’re fierce!

Plus the vulpera totems are too cute to resist!

Thanks to dungeon runs and questing in Eversong Woods, Ghostlands, and Mulgore, I’ve leveled Sumeko to 44 which makes her my highest level shammy ever. I deleted my other existing shammies because I know I’ll never play them and I like to have at least a few spots open for creating new characters.

Lately I’ve been alternating playing Sumeko with playing my Zandalari troll paladin Pakhan who’s also on Suramar. It’s quite a difference going from one of the tiniest races to one of the largest races and I find the contrast interesting. I got Pakhan to level 44 last night and while he’s one of many paladins, I’m sure I’ll keep leveling him because paladins are one of my favorite classes. Plus he’s a Zandalari and I love my Zandalari boys!

I can say with great certainty that I won’t be deleting Sumeko and that I will indeed continue leveling her. She’ll be one of the many characters that keeps me busy while I await the release of Shadowlands and all the new content that will come with it. Until then, I’ll be enjoying the existing content in Warcraft from the lowest and highest of vantage points. 🦊❤️

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