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Never Bored in Warcraft

I’ve seen a lot of talk about “retail” Warcraft versus Classic Warcraft on social media and which is better and blah, blah, blah. I’m of the opinion that both are quite fine and you should play whatever makes you happy and let everyone else do the same.

I’ve played a little Classic Warcraft with my daughter and although I didn’t start until Burning Crusade, it was all very familiar to me. I don’t feel nostalgic playing it because it just feels like Warcraft to me and I’ve been playing that for years. I’ve been with Warcraft as its become what it is today and I’ve adjusted and have no real complaints.

Perhaps I’m never bored with Warcraft because I have so many characters. All 50 slots are full of both Horde and Alliance toons and I can play in any area of Warcraft I want to just by choosing a toon in that level area. I have toons of every class and some classes I definitely prefer more than others. For example, I have five warriors…or is that six?

Sometimes I don’t feel like playing Warcraft but that’s not because there’s nothing to do in the game, it’s because I’m not in the mood. I don’t have a single toon that has all their professions maxed out, or that has done all the “endgame” content, or run all the dungeons, or done mythic key thingies. I guess I’m just too easily distracted to focus on any one character for too long.

Just the other night I finally did the quests to unlock the Mag’har orcs. I’ve had the required reputation for months, but after my daughter struggled with it (she’s a much better player than I am) I decided I’d wait. But on my hunter Sriset with Benthic gear, the quests were pretty easy and I was finally able to make a Mag’har orc!

I made a female orc shaman because I’ve yet to level a shaman very far. Perhaps it will be different this time, perhaps not. I do know that I’m enjoying playing her and that her emotes are so intimidating, I’m almost scared what she might do if I don’t level her…

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