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No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem in Azeroth

When I heard that we’d be able to transmog hide everything except pants in World of Warcraft BFA Patch 8.2, I was thrilled! There have been so many times when I’ve had pieces that don’t match anything else, or when I just don’t want gloves on my toons, or I want to show off some of the nice shirts I have. So hearing that I’d be able to hide more than my cloak, helm, and shoulders was wonderful news!

I admit I was also excited about the new content in Patch 8.2 and the ability to work toward flying in BFA finally, but that excitement fizzled out the first day I played in the new areas and realized what a long, painful grind reputation for both new factions was going to be. But more on that later.

As my blood elf hunter Sriset has Pathfinder Part One and I thought I had to use her for Pathfinder Part Two (I was apparently wrong) I did my first new transmog on her. As Nazjatar is all along the ocean floor and has a beachy feel, I first hid her chest armor and found a shirt I liked and then looked for coordinating pants. I found pants, but there were no good boots that went with the top and bottoms, so I left her barefoot.

I was very happy with the end result for her Nazjatar questing and I made a different look more appropriate for Mechagon when I started questing there.

Sriset in her beachy look with her new hermit crab pet.
Sriset properly bandaged for the chaos of Mechagon.

After grinding on Sriset for a while in Nazjatar and Mechagon, I then switched to my blood elf paladin Solunai for a change. In hindsight, I wish I’d used her to grind the rep for the two new factions, but too late now. Anyway, I had fun making a beachy look for Sol too and decided I didn’t want boots on her either.

Solunai may look ready for the beach, but she can still kick some behind!

Satisfied with my transmogs for a while, I played on Sriset and Solunai and adjusted their outfits as needed. I’ve spent more gold than I care to think about on transmogs now, but that’s not really anything new.

I’d seen several male demon hunters shirtless and I understood wanting to be able to show off those glowing tattoos, but I hadn’t hopped on my DH boys yet to see how they looked shirtless. Well, that all changed yesterday when I needed to get on my blood elf demon hunter Lan because he had some materials I needed for recipes on Sriset.

Once on Lan, I couldn’t resist trying the whole shirtless look and I daresay, I practically swooned! I made him long enough ago that I didn’t really remember what type of skin I chose for him and once he was shirtless, I found his hardened looking skin quite appealing and dangerous. Yes, I have crushes on my male toons, can’t be helped. 😉

My belf DH Lan. Hair counts as a shirt right?

This morning I decided to hop on my night elf demon hunter Den and see what he looked like shirtless. At first I wasn’t sure it really did much for me, but then I decided to do a double jump and glide and whoa!

You looking at me?
Well…isn’t that just…lovely! *drools*

As much as I loved the look on Den, it was just a bit too much for me to be able to concentrate, so I mogged a chest piece back on him. Plus, as a character, Den isn’t really someone who would go around shirtless. Neither is Lan really, but I haven’t mogged a chest piece on him again yet.

So despite the challenges I’ve faced in 8.2, I can honestly say that I love the transmog changes! It’s very freeing being able to run around without heavy armor on or to have to deal with ugly pieces that don’t match anything. Definitely a big improvement!

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