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Rajilo and Waffles: A Match Made in Hunger

My goth bun girl Rajilo is a loner for the most part. She wasn’t always that way, but after several failed attempts at attachments to both friends and lovers, she decided being alone was better than dealing with more emotional pain. Raj was a happy child until her adolescent years and as an adult, it’s almost painful for her to smile. She rarely feels emotions that make her want to smile, so it’s a moot point.

However, Rajilo’s loner status made a surprising departure when she was out mining one day and a lost baby brachiosaur happened to find her. He kept his presence hidden for a while and followed her and while Raj knew something was following her, she couldn’t figure out what because the baby dinosaur was good at hiding.

Eventually, Raj discovered her new shadow, and cold-hearted as she may seem to be, her emotions unfroze a bit at the sight of such an adorable and lost baby. She decided to adopt the baby brachiosaur and name him Waffles because she’d skipped breakfast that day and was hungry.

Seeing that the dinosaur was hungry too, Raj finished mining for the day and took Waffles to get some lunch. Rajilo had no idea what baby brachiosaurs ate so she gave him some apple and he seemed to be happy about that.

Seeing Waffles happy made Rajilo happy and she smiled for the first time in a very long time.

Ever since the day Waffles found Rajilo, the pair have been inseparable. Raj makes Waffles wait outside of any dungeons she ventures into and ensures that he’s well hidden from any dangers. She’s also trying to teach him how to defend himself as a fellow monk, but the lessons haven’t gone so well.

Now that she has Waffles to care for, Raj is thinking about settling down in an actual home, which is something she never expected to do. But she wants Waffles to be safe if she has to go somewhere dangerous for an extended period and a home is needed for that.

After investigating the possibilities, Raj decided that she’d eventually settle in an apartment in the Lavender Beds in Gridania. She likes all the shadows and shade the trees provide, it’s not overly hot, and there are a lot of places for Waffles to play. Obtaining an apartment is still a fair ways off for her, but Rajilo is determined to make a home for her and her adopted dinosaur son.

Rajilo and Waffles prove that family and love come in many forms and that sometimes it just takes the right person (or dinosaur) to come into your life to melt the ice on a frozen heart and remind you what happiness truly feels like.

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