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Happy Laladays!

I’ve never created any sort of monthly prompt for Twitter, but my love for my lalafell Sasaya recently changed my mind. I thought the festive month of December would be the perfect time to celebrate my love for lalafells and for others to join in if they wanted to. Thus I created Happy Laladays! I didn’t do it alone though, I had some help with the prompts from a good friend because my mind went blank after a while.

I created a new Twitter account called @HappyLaladays and I’ll be retweeting whatever posts I see with the hashtag #HappyLaladays from that account. I’ll probably retweet some from my @SrinityFF account as well just to get things started.

Lala lovers are welcome to post screenshots, art, poems, stories, whatever they want! I will not retweet anything NSFW because that’s not what my accounts are about. I will be doing screenies of my lala Sasaya for all the prompts and I apologize in advance if I fall behind.

I’ll be happy if anyone participates in Happy Laladays and I look forward to seeing what people come up with! Have fun!

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