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Kick-hoof Kriarii and Jumping Jackaen Moonglow

Life is full of adventures and the best adventures are those you share with friends. I’ve shared many adventures with my friend Jack and we’ve played and leveled several characters together. Our most recent leveling adventure involved my lightforged draenei paladin Kriarii and his night elf monk Jackaen Moonglow as we took them from 50 to 60 in Shadowlands. It was a whirlwind of questing, dungeons, and fun!

Kriarii is one of the few characters I created and immediately boosted in BfA because I wanted a paladin on Alliance side. I loved the looks and different emotes of lightforged when compared to non lightforged draenei and thus Kriarii was born. I really didn’t play her much because I didn’t feel invested in her, I just got her so far and then never touched her again.

But when Jack said he had a night elf monk he wanted to level, I immediately thought of Kriarii because that sounded like an awesome combo. I already had a level 60 Horde paladin with Resora, which also made it seem like a good choice to help faction character maintain balance. There was also a silly reason of me knowing that height wise, draenei and night elf have a nice aesthetic together.

Leveling with Jack is always a lot of fun and goes very fast because he knows where he’s going, what the quests involve, and he’s awesome in every class I’ve seen him play. I’m not good at monking but he definitely is and for the most part I was just trying to keep up while getting a few hits in now and then. Kriarii really had to stay on her toes, or hooves rather, to keep up with Jackaen as he jumped from one conflict to the next! In Bastion, characters have to face their “inner demons” and it was nice that Kriarii and Jackaen could face theirs together.

With Jack, I’ve learned that once something is dead, I mount up to keep up. I’m so trained to do this that I do it in dungeons with Jack where it’s possible and wonder why everyone else hasn’t already mounted up. But I know that no matter what situation we’re in, as long as I keep Jack or his marker in view, even as a speck in the distance, I’ll be okay.

Leveling Kriarii with Jackaen Moonglow was the fastest yet I’ve gone from level 50 to 60 on a character. It also helped me become more invested in Kriarii and start to think of a backstory for her. Jack and I had already individually decided that both toons were going to be Night Fae and I started to wonder what would make a lightforged draenei align herself such? Why was she such good friends with a night elf monk?

Jack already has a whole backstory for his night elf Jackaen Moonglow, which portrays him as someone who cares deeply about his family, is willing to fight to protect them, and who became a monk to help control his anger and obtain peace of mind. In my head there are reasons why Kriarii and Jackaen Moonglow ended up in Shadowlands together and perhaps someday I’ll write about them more. Regardless, they make a formidable duo in Shadowlands and I look forward to further adventures with them among the Night Fae.

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