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The Gifts That Can’t Be Wrapped

I haven’t made a list of things I want for Christmas in many years because I already have so many gifts that can’t be wrapped. I have my small family consisting of my girls, my mom, and my oldest brother and we’re all healthy and safe. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I have amazing friends who I’ve met online through Warcraft and other means. I have many blessings in my life and I’m grateful for all of them. I might not be rich financially, but I am rich in love and that certainly counts for something!

I expected this year’s Christmas Eve to be a bit rougher than most because I let my ex have the girls Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning because it just worked out better logistically. Plus, he hadn’t had them during that time in at least a decade and tis the season for being giving and such. But that meant I was going to be alone all of Christmas Eve and I expected to feel quite lonely and forgotten.

Fortunately, my expectations were wrong! I started the day by receiving a Christmas postcard in the mail from a very cool night elf and his worgen husband on Twitter. It’s the first xmas card I’ve received in many years and it was adorable!

After that, I spent the morning questing with my buddy Jack on my lightforged draenei paladin and his night elf monk and we continued along in the Shadowland storyline. Being teamed up with Jack made for quick questing as usual. He kicks butt on monk and I just sort of follow along getting a hit in now and then and looting stuff. Alas, technical difficulties on his end led to us stopping our team up for the day, but we made great progress and I had lots of fun with my buddy Jack!

Although I played solo for the rest of the day, I got a lot done on my blood elf paladin, Resora. Also, much to my happy surprise, I received several gifts throughout the day from my Warcraft friends. Pets from the Blizzard store, pets through the mail, and even a mount!

I was overwhelmed with gratitude at such gestures, especially because they were completely unexpected. I reciprocated where I could but I feel like I still owe some folks something in return and hopefully they’ll let me know what I can do to thank them.

Overall, my Christmas Eve was wonderful and I felt much less alone than I expected! Even though I didn’t end up teaming up with other friends that day (I apparently missed a fun drunken Torghast run because I didn’t check Discord in time), I appreciated that they’d thought of me that day and I felt warm, fuzzy, and content. I made a Narcissus shot the next day with all my Shadowlands ladies and the new pets I received for xmas.

I will be similarly physically alone New Year’s Eve and the rest of that weekend, but hopefully I’ll have the gift of friendship to keep me company again!

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