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Ny’alotha, Awakening Camaraderie (A Gallery)

Finding a friendly community of World of Warcraft players is a wonderful thing, and thanks to Twitter and other social media, I’ve found a lot of like-minded Warcraft players. Some members of that community started organizing Ny’alotha runs and this afternoon and I was fortunate enough to join them. My oldest daughter and fellow Warcraft player also joined in, which was great!

It was a great group. Everyone was friendly, patient, helpful, and determined. No trash talk, no kicking, no judging. For a player like me who is perhaps not as skilled as she should be, such a group is a gift! Wrathion was rough, we wiped many times, and I was usually one of the first to die, but we kept going and got through the first three bosses. I had to leave after that to finish making dinner but I’m sure they continued being an awesome and accepting group of players and I look forward to running with them again!

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