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Looking Forward to Shadowlands

When I first saw the trailer for Shadowlands featuring Sylvanas and Bolvar, I was thrilled. As I’ve said many times, Wrath of the Lich King will always hold a special place in my heart and dealing with the new Lich King sounds like a plan to me! My love of death knights and the impending new use of them in Shadowlands is why I made my Zandalari death knight. Well, that and I really love my Zandalari boys.

I’ve read some information about what’s coming in Shadowlands and the new content looks very interesting, but what I’m most excited about are the impending new customization options. My characters are personal to me and being able to personalize them even more makes me very happy! Darker skin colors, new hair styles, different eye colors, tattoos, body paint, jewelry, hair decorations, I love it all! I’m going to spend hours customizing my characters and creating new ones, as I’m sure many people will.

I’m not blind to the negativity I’ve seen about adding different characteristics to the races, but I never forget that it’s a fantasy game and as such, the mundane rules of the real world need not apply. This is a chance for Warcraft players to let their imaginations soar and to really experiment with something they’ve been wanting for a long time or to try something totally new. World of Warcraft is a game and as such, it should be a fun escape from the chaos the real world can bring.

I look forward to seeing all types of new appearances on other players in the game and I look forward to seeing my characters in a new look and light. I’m even planning on making a female tauren that I’ll most likely keep because I love the new tauren customization options so much! The image below is her and although I don’t know what I’ll name her or what class she’ll be, I already love her.

I’ve played around on the Wowhead dressing room with my existing characters and with other races I haven’t tried and I’m having a ball! My draenei ladies will definitely be getting some updates, my worgen boys, my blood elves, my night elves, heck, probably all of them! For those I’ve written fanfiction about, I’ll either stay true to what I’ve written or rewrite what I have to match their new appearances.

One of the many joys of fantasy is that you can do whatever you want to do. I think it’s important that everyone remember that fantasy is not reality and that trying to mix the two in negative ways sucks the life out of everything and I don’t think that’s what Shadowlands has in mind when we all cross over.

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