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The Alpaca of Happiness

For the past few months, I’ve been battling Dunegorger Kraulok in Vol’dun on my 10 plus 120s hoping he’ll drop the Slightly Damp Pile of Fur that translates to Mollie the alpaca mount. I even leveled my blood elf mage to 120 to get even more alts on the job, but alas, the fur never dropped. I was bummed because I really wanted an alpaca mount as every time I saw one they looked adorable and happy.

Thus I decided to commit to going for the Springfur Alpaca, which is touted as the easiest alpaca mount to get. To get the Springfur Alpaca, you have to find the Friendly Alpaca in Uldum seven times and feed it Gersahl Greens those seven times. I’d seen the Friendly Alpaca once on Sriset and had clicked on the blue question mark only to be puzzled that it was asking for something I’d never heard of. Even so, I switched Sri to herbalism to find and pick the greens in case I ever decided to go after the mount again.

Well, I finally decided to do just that and last week started flying around Uldum on Sriset looking for the Friendly Alpaca. I downloaded the Handy Notes addon for Uldum that showed the spawn points of the alpaca as blue dots on the map and I’d do the circuit until I found him. The first couple of times, I found him almost right away, but after that I’d have to fly the circuit a few times before he’d appear.

Some days I’d feed him twice, once before and after daily quests reset and he was always so adorable and happy when I fed him. I was eager to finally have him as a mount and I almost managed to complete feeding him before the purple of Visions of Nope overtook Uldum. I had to endue the purple darkness on my last day of feeding him, but it was worth it because then he was finally mine and I knew I’d never go back to Uldum again unless it was old Uldum.

As soon as I fed the Friendly Alpaca for the seventh time and clicked on him an eighth time to complete the quest I received the reins of the Springfur Alpaca and immediately mounted up. I was instantly in love!!! The mount special animation on him is adorable and I especially love his “boing, boing” sounds. His run is cute and his jump is ridiculously precious. Every time I summon him, I grin like a little girl and am filled with utter happiness. Thus I have deemed him and his other alpaca kin, the Alpaca of Happiness. Anything that can make me so absurdly happy in such chaotic times is definitely worth the little effort it took to achieve.

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