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New Death Knight, New Surprises

Come on, Arthas, smile for the camera!

Last night I decided to create a new death knight character. On the Horde side, I already have a 110 plus female blood elf death knight, but I’ve yet to manage to level an Alliance death knight very far.

In the past I’ve made female draenei death knights and male night elf death knights, but I lost interest with all of them eventually. So it seemed apparent that I needed to create one in a setup I already enjoyed.

To that end, the death knight I created last night was a female night elf, just like my rogue, Syaine. Not sure why I didn’t think of doing so before, I guess the mood just had to strike.

While I was customizing my new DK, I was surprised that I could get the Night Warrior eyes on her. That made the appearance choices even more extensive than usual for me.

My new nelf DK, Zyve.

While I was customizing my character I received a message from my oldest daughter playing in her room down the hall. She asked if I wanted company in the DK starter zone. I always enjoy playing with my daughter and we hadn’t done a starter zone together yet, so it sounded like fun.

Once I was done creating my night elf DK I entered the game and accepted the first quest. My daughter’s character was already there which surprised me. I later learned that she’d made her night elf DK a while ago and had just never started playing it. It seemed like the timing was right for both of us!

My night elf and my daughter’s night elf receiving orders from Arthas.

We quested through the starter area for a while before calling it a night and we communicated via shouting to each other through the hallway because it was faster than typing in party chat. We had a lot of fun wreaking mayhem as death knights together.

I’ve done the DK starter area more times than I can remember and it’s definitely easier than it was when Wrath of The Lich King first came out, but it feels like one of the more immersive starter areas.

My daughter and I finished up the starter area tonight and I’m glad we did it together. I took lots of screenshots and video to remember the experience by and there’s a sampling at the end of this post. Hopefully the memories I made with my daughter will motivate me to get this Alliance DK to max level. Time will tell!

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