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Lin’s Luminous Lenses

One of the World of Warcraft classes I’ve struggled with over the years is mage. I managed to get my blood elf mage Lindrastra to the max level in BfA, but I remember it being painful and slow with lots of dying. But after seeing the amazing things my friends have done on mages, I decided it was time I give mage another go. Having tried the fire and frost spec extensively in the past and not done well with them, I figured I’d give arcane a shot.

I took Lindrastra into Shadowlands and went through the whole, still-not-skippable Maw intro and managed not to die too much. I quickly figured out how to keep enemies at bay, mitigate damage, and escape if necessary. Playing the various other toons I have in Warcraft, and assigning hot keys for spells that help me keep track of things in my head, has helped immensely when it comes to switching classes. It makes it easy to put interrupts, slows, and big whammy spells in all the same spots from toon to toon.

Once through the Maw on Lin, I decided to do Threads of Fate because the storyline is old and tired to me by now. However, the idea of trudging through Threads in the same manner I’ve done on previous toons didn’t appeal either, so I mixed things up by queuing for random normal and epic battlegrounds. As it turned out, I ended up completing aiding Bastion and Ardenweald and and only getting to around 94% of aiding Revendreth by the time Lin hit 60. The rest of that experience was all through BGs and she had over 10k honor points by the time she hit max level.

Through all those BGs on Lin, I finally earned the Honor Level 15 mount, the Prestigious Bronze Courser, which I’ve wanted since I realized it existed!

Doing all the pvp on Lin has made her a much wiser and tougher mage. With the addition of glasses to the game appearances, I decided to give Lin the half rims that make everyone look a bit smarter and more sophisticated. I also thought it was somewhat ironic wearing glasses as a mage because the old thought that someone wouldn’t hit a person wearing glasses obviously does not apply in BGs, or anywhere in World of Warcraft for that matter.

Quite often once I’ve spammed arcane missiles or polymorphed enemy players a few times, Lin becomes a big target for revenge. But that’s fine because nothing will dull the shine and power of Lin’s luminous lenses and arcane kick butt magic!

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