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Coloring My World in Final Fantasy XIV

The moment I got to the Final Fantasy XIV character creation screen, I was in love. Looking at all the options for height, skin color, hair color, eye color, earrings, markings, face paint, and even voices was a dream come true for me! Having played World of Warcraft for so many years, I’d grown used to the limitations on character customizations in that game and somehow forgot that not all games are like that.

As I’ve continued playing Final Fantasy on my three “main” characters of my rogue/ninja Tyago, my archer/bard Sriset, and my lancer/future dancer Zhjya, I’ve started expressing their unique personalities in the types of clothing they wear and the colors of that clothing. With glamours and dyes in FFXIV, once you get high enough in a profession and/or earn enough gil, you can change attire to your heart’s delight.

On Tyago, who is the character I’m playing the most now, my favorite colors to use are Rolanberry Red and Snow White. I sometimes mix Ceruleum Blue in there as an accent. The red and white tones coordinate with her light hair with reddish highlights. The blue is mostly because it reminds me of the color of denim and I can picture Ty wearing jeans.

For my bard Sriset, her colors are primarily shades of blue with some brown mixed in. I’m not real particular on the blue and brown colors, just as long as they go well together. I gave her blue hair some raspberry colored highlights and she wears glasses because I love the idea of a archer/bard needing glasses to see what they’re shooting at.

Last but not least is my Viera lancer Zhjya. I haven’t played her very much but I do love her and know someday I’ll dedicate more time to her. Her hair is purple-ish red with orange highlights, her skin is dark, and in my mind, shades of green and dark purple for clothing work well on her. Viera are one of the most stunning races in the game in my opinion and she’d probably look good in a burlap sack, but I think a bit of the right color still helps.

I have been addicted to transmogs in World of Warcraft for many years, so of course I have a similar addiction in Final Fantasy. I think liking your character’s appearance makes them more fun to play and gives you a colorfully creative way to express their unique personality.

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