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Adorable Ardenweald and Ravenous Revendreth

From what I’d seen of Shadowlands beta previews, I expected Ardenweald to be my favorite new zone and I was mostly right. But I have to say that Revendreth ranks right up there with its gothic feel, vampires, and shadowy atmosphere. I found one flaw in Ardenweald and that’s how laggy it is for me, but that’s just due to my outdated laptop and DSL internet and not really the game’s fault.

When I first arrived in Ardenweald on Sriset, I immediately saw a rune stag that I wanted to tame, so I completely ignored the fairy people asking for help and ran to tame the colorful stag, which I then named Smoothie. After that, I went and helped the fairy people and began my questing in the zone.

Pretty much everywhere I turned in Ardenweald, I saw something I wanted to tame! I did end up taming one of the unicorns and eventually moved onto toads, but that’s a story for another day.

I enjoyed the story in Ardenweald, but I was a bit bummed that Ursoc didn’t come back because I love bears. Having Ysera’s soul back is lovely of course and I understand why. Honestly, I’d like to save all druid souls that might’ve been lost due to the draught. I absolutely LOVE the Sylvar and Vorkai races! I want to be one! I was gushing to my oldest daughter how one or both of them should be a new allied race and she rolled her eyes at my enthusiasm.

After helping the Night Fae in Ardenweald, I moved onto Revendreth to continue the story. While I knew right away that Sire Denathrius was the bad guy, I thought it was cool that we started off by being introduced to him and such. I really loved the Stoneborn in the zone as they reminded me of the Disney cartoon called Gargoyles. That’s probably not a coincidence.

I admit that I zipped through Revendreth because I was eager to finish the storyline, hit 60, pick a covenant for Sriset and then start leveling toons through Threads of Fate. But I absorbed enough during my time there to conclude that it was perfect for my blood elf lock Salxi. Just as I realized that Bastion would be ideal for my belf priest Srirajah and my pallies Solunai and Resora.

Upon finishing everything up, Sriset joined the Night Fae and I’ve been working on figuring out the whole campaign thing amid leveling some alts. I’ll run an alliance toon through the whole storyline at some point and pay more attention, but as I’ve got years to experience and enjoy it all, there’s no real rush. I raid with the Strawberries but we’re not grinders going for world firsts and we’re all just enjoying our time together and apart as we explore the Shadowlands.

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