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Making Memories via Mount Runs

I’ve run the Headless Horseman dungeon with my Warcraft family so many times this past week, I’ve lost track. But I’m willing to keep running it with people as long as they want to continue doing it because I really want everyone to get the mount. I know that’s asking for a lot from the RNG gods, but I’m an optimist and thus retain hope.

Although I’m a bit bummed that not all my friends have gotten the mount yet, I love all the memories we’re making together. We’ve dealt with some interesting players when we have to fill a spot with someone outside the group and we’ve even turned the term “trash” into something positive! Which is good because I really didn’t appreciate being called a trash tank.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m learning a lot about playing various classes and what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve wanted to learn tanking and healing for a long time and I think I’ve improved in those areas thanks to running the dungeon with friends. I’m so grateful that my Warcraft family is willing to forgive my missteps and continue risking life and limb with my inexperienced paladins and priests.

We’ve had a lot of laughs and stumbles along the way but I think the mount runs are making us stronger as a group. I have an even greater appreciation for tanks and healers because it’s a tough job. I already knew those roles were challenging, which is why I’d been afraid to try them, but they’re HARD! If you haven’t thanked your tank or healer today, please do so!

One of my biggest fears about BfA ending and Shadowlands starting was that the group I’ve come to love would drift apart and fizzle out, as so many past groups I’ve been part of have done. But when pre-patch released, we all started helping each other level new alts through Chromie Time and I’ve loved that!

The Headless Horseman dungeon tied into that in that we’ve all been willing to help each other out with mount runs. I take such camaraderie as a sign that we’ll continue to help each other as needed, get together to do fun stuff, and keep this awesome group going for the foreseeable future. I’m grateful every day that the group exists and that they accepted me and all my quirks, for better or worse. 😉

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