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Wowtober: Let the Fun Begin!

October has arrived! Despite the various challenges October has brought me through the years, it’s still my favorite month and Halloween is still my favorite holiday. To express my enthusiasm for October this year, I’ve decided to participate in a prompt challenge put out through an awesome World of Warcraft player who I’ve had the privilege of raiding and running dungeons with. I know her as Sumi but her Twitter handle is @mang0catgames as seen in the prompt image.

I’ve been practicing using a Warcraft addon called Narcissus put out by the very talented Peter Yu aka @Peterodox on Twitter. You can find Narcissus here and you can find info on how to use it on Wowhead here

As someone who LOVES taking screenshots in game, Narcissus is a dream come true! I’m still figuring it out, but the more I play with it, the more I love it! I modify the images from Narcissus in Photoshop, which is also helping me dust off my Photoshop skills. I just recently figured out the group photo option in the addon and used it for my first entry of Wowtober, “Harvest Festival.” Thanks to group photo, my lock Srixi could go for a spirit swim/fly with Spiritwalker Ussoh at Harvest Festival. I took the below image in PTR so Srixi has her new look and Narcissus seems to work fine there with just a few glitches.

Another thing I love about Narcissus is the ability to take images of my characters against a blue or green background. This has enabled me to take a screenie of one character and then login to another character and take a screenie of that character and composite them together in Photoshop. This means I can FINALLY create images of my Warcraft couples together and that makes me so HAPPY!

The image above is of my void elf priest Zarivia trying to light her lantern while her lightforged paladin mate Pravostos tries to “swoop in” to help. The prompt for this was “Lantern” so I chose a spot just outside Duskwood with some hanging lanterns and had Zarivia holding a lantern. Tomorrow’s prompt is “Haunted House” and I’m sure I’ll have fun coming up with something for that!

So if you love October and Warcraft as I do, I encourage you to participate in the Wowtober prompt challenge! Please use #wowtober for your posts so the creator can see and enjoy them, and feel free to check mine out on Twitter @SrisetSyaine. Welcome October/Wowtober and let the fun begin!

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