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New Fun with an Old Toon

Yesterday I discovered the perfect reason to dust off a toon I hadn’t played in quite some time. My oldest daughter has a night elf warrior she’s been playing for a while and I asked her if we could quest together. She said sure and I then asked what level the warrior was, and she said level 51. I said I’d look through my toons to see who was that level and I was surprised to find that my draenei shaman Ina was level 51.

I made Ina several years ago and somehow played her enough to get her to 51. But for some reason or another, I’d struggled to get a feel for playing the shaman class until I created my vulpera shammy Sumeko who is just too cute not to level. I’d thought about deleting Ina a few times but I’m now very glad I didn’t!

I hopped on Ina and discovered that it had been so long since I’d played her that she didn’t even have heirloom armor or weapons equipped. I’ve been using heirlooms for a couple years now, so that proved I hadn’t touched her in quite some time. I promptly equipped her with the mail heirlooms I had and knew that and the 100% experience boost happening now would be a big help in leveling her.

Properly equipped, I headed to where my daughter was questing in Duskwood and we did a few quests while queueing for a random classic dungeon.

We then got into a dungeon and I groaned when I saw that it was Stratholme. While I enjoyed the Culling of Strat dungeon, I really hate the post-culling Strat dungeon because it’s so big and full of a ridiculous number of enemies.

I usually die at least once, and yesterday’s run was no exception. I blame no one but myself for my demise though.

Fortunately, we had a really good group and finished the dungeon without major issues. The healer asked if we wanted to do another dungeon with that same group and all but one of the DPS said yes, so we queued again and got Uldaman. I like the Uldaman dungeon because I’ve done it many times and it’s pretty straightforward. Someone had one of those transformation beacons and I was turned into a vampiric blood elf named Prince something or other while my daughter’s toon was turned into Asira Dawnslayer. It was fun playing dress up for a bit in the dungeon.

Through running dungeons and a few quests, we both got our characters to level 60 and then headed to Outland. I prefer Northrend, but I don’t mind doing Outland if I’m playing with my daughter.

She decided she was done playing her night elf warrior for a bit and parked her at an inn. I then went and upgraded my mail heirlooms so Ina could continue to wear them and updated her mog a bit.

Interestingly enough, Ina is now my highest level shammy. I thought Sumeko would be but yesterday gave me the perfect opportunity to prove myself wrong. I’ll now work on catching Sumeko up because I like having a character in each class for both factions. It’s all about balance after all.

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