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A Surprising Connection Crafted by a Talented Author

tides of war excerpt

In the above image, you see the well-written and thoughtful words of author Christie Golden from her book entitled, “Jaine Proudmoore: Tides of War.” The best authors have a way of creating or expanding upon characters in a way that connects with readers in surprising and unexpected ways. Christie Golden is most assuredly one of those authors.

In the above excerpt, Christie Golden describes Jaine Proudmoore’s feelings on relationships during a conversation with Go’el (Thrall).

This was Jaine pre-destruction of Theramore, when she still believed that peace was possible with the Horde and before she went a bit “crazy” and stole the Focusing Iris with plans to destroy Orgrimmar. The book is a great read written by a talented author and I highly recommend it if you’re interested in learning more about Warcraft lore.

When I read this portion of the book, I felt a bond with Jaina for the first time. I read this before the Battle for Azeroth expansion where she appears to become even more bitter, hateful, and resentful of the Horde. My opinions about her have thus changed, but her thoughts and words in this section still speak to me.

Go’el says,  “I would wish such a gift and such insights for you, my dear friend. I would see you happy, your life complete, your purpose clear.” His words reminded me of the words my non-single friends say to me on occasion. That I’ll finally be happy when I’ve found someone and when I’m in a relationship.

To Go’el, Jaina’s responds, “My life is complete. And I know my purpose.” Her words are similar to what I say to my friends in response to their advice. I am happy, I feel my life has purpose, and I don’t feel incomplete in any way.

Go’el’s response to Jaina of a smile and explanation that his life’s journey is sweeter with a companion by his side is an echo of my friends’ reactions to my words. Just that nod and smile that says, “Whatever you say, dear.” I know they don’t believe me, and as they’re not in my situation and haven’t lived my life, they don’t understand the truth in my words.

However, when I read this section of the book written by Christie Golden, I realized with great certainty that I wasn’t alone in my feelings or my situation with my non-single friends. If Jaina – a single person, strong woman, and independent spirit – is just as misunderstood by others as I am, then it’s safe to assume that there are many single people who feel as she (and I) do.

While I am single now, in my 41 years of life I have been in my share of relationships. I was married for almost 13 years and I’ve now been divorced and single for nearly eight years. I didn’t know who I truly was when in those past relationships. I formed myself into what my partner wanted in order to make everyone happy. Everyone except me.

Ending my marriage was not an easy thing, not because of my feelings for my then husband, but because it meant less time with my children, whom I love with my whole heart. I ultimately realized that my unhappiness might eventually taint them and perhaps make them bitter about love and relationships.

So I struck out on my own, built a life for myself, and finally discovered who I am as a woman, mother, and warrior. I am not bitter about romantic love, but I don’t see that it has a place in my life right now.

I still believe in love and that perhaps someday I’ll find it again and the person will love me as I truly am. Until then, it is as Jaina says, “I’m better when it comes to friends.”

Thank you, Christie Golden, for your amazing writing and insight! And thank you all for reading my words.

Do yourself a favor and please read “Jaina Proudmoore: Tides of War” and “Arthas: Rise of the Lich King” by Christie Golden to learn more about two very dynamic characters from World of Warcraft.

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